Afeli coin - innovative 3D marketplace

With the help of 3D technologies, Afeli completely changes the usual processes for us
in trade, communication and entertainment.

The main products of the Afeli platform

The Afeli platform allows you to visit shops and business events without leaving your home or office. This is possible thanks to the use of special equipment, which are equipped with partner companies, modern 3D technologies and augmented reality technologies. The Afeli platform is not just a 3D marketplace. It is possible to be in two places at the same time, using the latest, but accessible technologies, which is undoubtedly important, since the most valuable resource is time.

  • Marketplace
    Allows manufacturers of furniture, devices and accessories to demonstrate the goods in 3D, and buyers of clothing to sample before delivery.
  • Social network
    Users are given opportunities for social networks like Facebook, but in addition, each participant has an interactive 3D avatar.
  • Playground
    Includes a number of gaming applications of its own design, and third-party manufacturers.

Our advantages

Afeli coin

The platform's capabilities with the use of associated equipment make the platform unique.
Business gets: the opportunity to showcase your product in 3D, with the possibility of more detailed study of the goods than in a real store; an increase in traffic in stores, without additional burden, and as a result, an increase in profits.

The user receives: the opportunity to visit shops located in thousands of kilometers; more detailed examination of the goods before purchase; saving time (the platform is available from any device from anywhere on the planet, with access to the Internet).

AfeliEducation allows the most effective use of 3D technology in the educational process. The platform will be used both for general education, and for secondary special and higher educational institutions.

The platform's capabilities make it possible to obtain high-quality theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills in most areas.

In the same way, AfeliEducation is its own educational platform, which contributes to improving the quality of education of the population, regardless of location.

Afeli coin
Afeli coin

The platform allows you to create a unique in its way a tool for selling real estate. I use the platform, the user can not only see the photos of the room, but also visit it without leaving home.

Moreover, the user can independently make the apartment repair project, calculate the estimate and order the necessary materials from the partner companies of the project.

The Afeli platform is a unique tool for the heavy industry sector. Using the Afeli platform, it is possible to hold exhibitions and presentations of equipment that can not be imagined in other ways, due to their size or other circumstances.

Afeli coin

Token economics







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Development of 3D platform Afeli.


Q2 - 2018

Conducting pre-ICO. Start developing a 3D avatar project.


Q3 – 2018

Development of a security system platform. Develop a smart account. Conducting the ICO.


Q4 – 2018

Development of own crypto-instruments and purses.


Q1 – 2019

Integration of a new service VR / AR glasses. Start of PR company Afeli in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Q2 – 2019

Launch of beta version in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Q3 – 2019

Start the service to find partners and find a job.


Q4 – 2019

Launching the project on the territory of the CIS countries.


Q1 – 2020

Start an advertising company in central Europe and the British Isles.


Q2 – 2020

Expanding the function Entertaiment (AfeliforBussines).



Entering the market for concierge service. Launch of social service AfeliEducation.



Launching a new section in AfeliforBussines - Seller-Premiumsaller.

ICO structure

Cost of the AEI token:

  • 0.001 ETH - Pre ICO;
  • 0.002 ETH -ICO.

The date of the:

  • Pre ICO: 04.06.2018 — 04.07.2018;
  • ICO: 04.08.2018 — 04.09.2018.

Bonus program:

  • 1 week — discount 20 %;
  • 2 week — discount 15 %;
  • 3 week — discount 10 %;
  • 4 week — discount 5 %.


  • Softcap: 1000 ETH;
  • Hardcap: 5000 ETH.

Project team

Vahagn Kakoyan

Vahagn Kakoyan


Feliks Kakoyan

Feliks Kakoyan


Tigran Garukyan

Tigran Garukyan

Art Direcor

Vahan Tsogolakyan

Vahan Tsogolakyan

Project manager

Arman Hovhannisyan

Arman Hovhannisyan


Vano Ghazazyan

Vano Ghazazyan

3D Developer

Petros Petrosyan

Petros Petrosyan

IT Specialist

Khoren Asatryan

Khoren Asatryan


Arman Boshyan

Arman Boshyan

3D & Unity Developer

Gemma Dodozyan

Gemma Dodozyan

PR manager

Ruben Grigoryan

Ruben Grigoryan

Industrial design

Lilit Khachikyan

Lilit Khachikyan

QA Developer

Siranush Basencian

Siranush Basencian

Press attache

Seda Hambardzumyan

Seda Hambardzumyan

UX Designer

Nikolay Sadonin

Nikolay Sadonin

Project partner

Out partners


aei is a token based on the Ethereum platform of the ERC20 standard. Issue and circulation of tokens is regulated by a smart contract.
Tokens can be used to pay for platform services, or to retain as an asset to receive dividends. After the ICO, the token can be profitable to sell on any crypto-exchange, the listing of which includes aei.
Token can be purchased on the Pre ICO or on the ICO. At the stage of preliminary sale, the price will be lower, and additional bonuses are available. In order to participate in the Pre ICO or ICO, you must apply in a special form.
aei tokens can be purchased at crypto-exchange exchanges.
Acquire Afeli coin can anyone who has applied.
Tokens will be sent to customers within 10 days after the end of the ICO.
Dividends will be accrued quarterly on the internal wallets of the platform. The amount of dividends will depend on the number of tokens on the owner’s account.
The platform can be used as a consumer or as a seller. Consumers (buyers) register on the platform and can use all services, sellers (business) can offer their goods and services through innovative mechanisms.


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